When on Life a Darkness Falls

Verse 1

When on life a darkness falls,
When the mist flows chilling,
Paths and sign posts lost in doubt,
Loveless, unfulfilling,
Reach us, Jesus, from Your cross,
Though we feel forsaken;
Keep us through the aching night
Till new dawns awaken.

Verse 2

When the dreams and vows of youth
Painfully accuse us,
Stab our conscience, steal our worth,
Christ will not refuse us:
Peace the world cannot provide,
Daily resurrection,
Strong companion at our side
For each new direction.

Verse 3

Come and meet Him, Friend and Lord,
Thro’ the gospel story:
Open door to life and peace,
Window into glory.
All who seek Him, soon are found,
Made His close relation:
Christ our pathway, Christ our home,
Christ our sure foundation.