Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation

Verse 1

Christ is made the sure foundation,
Christ the head and cornerstone,
Chosen of the Lord, and precious,
Binding all the Church in one;
Holy Zion’s help for ever,
And our confidence alone.

Verse 2

To this temple where we call you
Come, O Lord of hosts and stay;
Come, with all Your loving kindness,
Hear your people as they pray;
And Your fullest benediction
Shed within these walls today.

Verse 3

Grant, we pray to all Your faithful
All the gifts they ask to gain;
What they gain from You forever
With the blessed to retain;
And hereafter in Your glory
Evermore with You to reign.

Verse 4

Praise and honor to the Father,
Praise and honor to the Son,
Praise and honor to the Spirit,
Ever three and ever one:
One in might and on in glory
While unending ages run!