The Son of God Proclaim

Verse 1

The Son of God proclaim,
The Lord of time and space;
The God who bade the light break forth
Now shines in Jesus’ face.

Verse 2

Behold His out stretched hands,
Though all was in His power
He took the towel and basin then,
And serves us in this hour.

Verse 3

He, God’s creative word,
The church’s Lord and head,
Here bids us gather as His friends,
And share His wine and bread.

Verse 4

The Lord of life and death
With wondering praise we sing;
We break the bread at His command,
And name Him God and King.

Verse 5

We take this cup in hope:
For He, who gladly bore
The shameful cross, is ris’n again,
And reigns forevermore.