Father, Help Your People

Verse 1

Father, help Your people in this world to build
Something of Your kingdom and to do Your will,
Lead us to discover partnership in love;
Bless our ways of sharing and our pride remove.

Verse 2

Lord of desk and altar, bind our lives in one,
That in work and worship love may set the tone.
Give us grace to listen, clarity of speech;
Make us truly thankful for the gifts of each.

Verse 3

Holy is the setting of each room and yard,
Lecture hall and kitchen, office, shop, and ward.
Holy is the rhythm of our working hours;
Hallow then our purpose, energy, and pow’rs.

Verse 4

Strengthen, Lord, for service hand and heart and brain;
Help us good relations daily to maintain.
Let the living presence of the servant Christ
Heighten our devotion, make our life a feast.