The Sacred Anthem

Verse 1

The sacred anthem slowly rang
Across the fields of praise,
When earth’s first Sabbath made complete
All creatures and all days.

Verse 2

Walking with God, there,
Woman and man together share
The blessed Sabbath mood;
And in that green and golden world
Know all God’s works are good.

Verse 3

But now in our diminished lives
We sing a blemished song;
The earth is worn and disarrayed
And all our work goes wrong.

Verse 4

Still in our worship,
Joining in praise and fellowship,
By Sabbath radiance blessed,
We put our doubt and fear away
And rest within God’s rest.

Verse 5

And arching over time and space
The Lord of Sabbaths wills
Renewal for the weary earth
And healing for our ills.

Verse 6

Hearts will rejoice then;
There will be no more weeping, when
We know and shall be known.
With hosts of the redeemed we’ll sing
Around God’s shining throne.